Delicious chocolate shake for slimming

Chocolite lose weight as quickly as possible? Who wouldn't want to. But quickly shozená kilograms, he has his "against". We know the risks of this kind of action... So read on, and you know that something can collapse.

Also, the one I like most about zhubli so to speak at night? It's not victory. Diet fasts contain a lot of health threats, such as stones in the gallbladder or cardiovascular system, increase the risk of developing the disease under the name of adn Chocolite, caused by the strong disharmonies taken from nutrients,"says Ing Anastasia Malastová, nutritious therapists Holmes Place. In addition to the lack of macro, especially proteins, they also run a high risk of vitamin, mineral and trace elements deficiency,"says the expert.

Why, in fact, should it really be a problem? Rapid weight loss is really, Chocolite in most cases, are related to the radical limitation of energy consumption,"says Gabriela Knosová of the Institute for the reduction and prevention of excess d

and weight is a compliment. Less food due to the consequences of draining the body and emptying the bowel. Although this leads to weight loss, but apart from fatty tissue is basically reduced, and mainly water and muscle mass,"explains Chocolite specialist in nutrition and movement.

And without muscles, it can slow metabolism! In addition, unilaterally, directed and at the same time limited diet will lead to uncontrolled flavor of the sweets, lack of energy and fatigue,"adds Gabriel Knosová. What are you starting to learn? Or you after three days of diet Chocolite appetite and there are plenty of? These feelings nabourávají the motivation and willingness to continue slimming,"adds Gabriel Knosová.

Another risk of rapid weight loss in Zuzany Malastové

Dehydration occurs especially in cases where energy consumption of less than 1200 kcal per day (which is individual, depending on age, sex, body weight and other factors). This is because the body at the time of drastictickém reducing the energy consumption of deserts, such as the first water.

Decreased immunity Chocolite and, as a consequence, increased susceptibility to infections, decreased skin quality, hair loss and split nails.

are very frequent as a result of irregularities in the menstrual cycle or sperm education.

Violation of food tonic, Chocolite such as anorexia or bulimia, and, as a result of rapid weight loss

Aesthetic problems: flaccidity of the skin, broken nails, hair loss, stretch marks...

He has metabolic problems, ranging from bad diet and pitného mode. These include constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, ulcer...

How Chocolite lose weight properly?

The exact figures I can't fully say,"says Gabriela Knosová with the fact that, on average, this in the case of the long duration of the reduction should be the weight loss of half up to one and a half year and a half kilos per week. At the beginning of reduction, which can be up to two kilos, but above this number, already too much. It all depends on the degree of overweight or obese Chocolite of a person and age and sex,"concludes the deputy.


Rapid weight loss also set up a high risk of developing a yo-yo effect. He is what some kilos of fat are lost, but also about the same amount of muscles,"explains the specialist with the fact that the moment he returns to his Chocolite feeding, p?iberete those kilos return. However, a significantly higher percentage of them, however, is only in adipose tissue. You have more fat in your body than before you start your diet.

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